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And their applications
CBBC’s precoated steel sheets are ideal for a range of applications thanks to their formability, printability, and versatility. They are durable and resistant, giving them a longer service life, which also means considerable savings for you.

They come in four main categories, each having its own structure and technicalities :

Specialized collection for exterior cladding

Standard collection for decorative finishes

Specialized collection with antibacterial finish

Specialized writing collection

Lamtop – Exterior Finishes

Lamtop has superior UV rays resistance, making it ideal for outdoor applications such as building cladding. Produced with the latest printing technology, Lamtop has the highest resolution, enhancing detailed patterns and 3D effects.

Lamtop is also the green solution: its substrate is totally Chrome free (Cr-6, Cr-3), it does not contain halogens (Chlorine, Fluorine, Bromine, Astatine) and is 100% recyclable.

Decorative finishes

The decorative print series offer flawless finishes for a broad range of styles and applications. They are easy to maintain and highly resistant, making them an ideal solution in high-traffic areas.

Applications include elevators, garage doors (residential and commercial), steel furniture, and more.


A new bonded film with antibacterial properties, Sanisteel kills existing germs and prevents new ones from spreading.

It can be used for cold rooms, laboratories (medical and biology), grocery store counters, etc.

Laminite – Writing surface

Laminite is a film bonded to the steel sheet. The magnetic dry-erase surface is easily bendable, makes a smooth writing surface, and erases cleanly.

It is used in schools and offices and partition systems and stationary partitions.

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